SMARTBOX Services and Storage Containers

When it comes to aspects of moving and storage, Dunmar is dedicated to offering a personalized plan which meets the needs of its customers. Unlike other moving companies, we recognize that each client's move is different, and therefore, we strive to offer a wide range of resources to ensure a personalized moving experienced.

If your plan is to save money, we have a team of trained consultants who give pointers and help navigate which services will be best for you. As a top rated moving and storage provider we are dedicated to meeting all of our customer’s needs. Dunmar Moving Systems offers a range of moving and storage options to meet any and all of our customers’ needs from full service moving plans to ones with more DIY options. Our newest moving and storage service is SMARTBOX, SMARTBOX is a leader among portable storage and moving companies which is why we have partnered with them to provide the very best and most affordable moving and storage services.

With SMARTBOX our team of professional moving and storage experts can deliver your SMARTBOX storage container right to your home. Once your SMARTBOX storage container is delivered you can take your time to pack and prepare your items for storage or relocation. When you are ready and have all your items packed safely away in your SMARTBOX storage container one of our moving professionals will return at your convenience to pick up your SMARTBOX for storage or to deliver them it your new location. This allows you to save money and go at your own pace based on your specific timeline and budget.

For more information about SMARTBOX or our new SMARTBOX storage containers and services check out the following articles or call one of our Dumnar moving and storage consultants today. We are ready and willing to assist you with any of your moving and storage needs.