Corporate Moving Service

We Making Moving Simple for Future VA Tech Employees

Congratulations on your new opportunity with Virginia Tech! Looking for your moving partner?

While relocating for work is exciting and full of new opportunity, it can also bring with it a lot of stress. Dunmar Moving Systems is here to take that stress out of the equation.

We work swiftly at a price by offering a corporate moving service that’s affordable so you can stay focused on all the new possibilities that await you.

We have a variety of packing options and levels of service meaning you can choose exactly how much assistance you would like. Feel like our basic services will have you covered? Great! Think you need something extra? Check out our additional services to see how else we can help. With Dunmar Moving Systems, you’re running the show; we’re just along for the ride.

Changing jobs and transitioning your family to a new situation can be difficult. Our team of moving professionals will set you up for success in your new home. Our carefully screened drivers and movers provide the highest level of customer service. Count on Dunmar corporate moving service to make the most of your relocation move.