Creature Comforts for Virginia Movers

Dunmar Moving Systems has been taking these winter months to bring our Virginia movers ideas for finding connections that will help them feel more at home in the new community they anticipate moving to. If you missed it, be sure to read “Planning Ahead with your Virginia Movers”. We enjoy helping our customers to be proactive about feeling at home in their new home by providing ideas and resources.

It is a time for getting excited about moving and anticipating what it will be like where you go. Virginia movers have shared with us the things that helped make them feel at home when they moved.

Here are a few ideas from our Virginia movers:

  • Fitness-check your local community for where you can enjoy your favorite classes and work-outs. Classes are a great way to meet new community members while staying fit. Perhaps you want to sign up now to ensure your spot once you move.
  • Museums and art galleries-connecting with the history and culture aids in feeling more invested in where you live
  • Music and theater venues-for those of you who enjoy the performing arts, check out what is going on. Perhaps you would even like to purchase tickets to an event in the future providing you with a new community activity to look forward to.
  • Dog friendly places-for our dog loving Virginia movers, you might want to look into fun places to take your furry friend and meet other dog lovers and their dogs. Dogs are a great way to break into conversation and meet new people.
  • Cafes and coffee shops-Who doesn’t want to find these ahead of time? Perfect places for learning more about where you live and striking up conversations.

The ideas are endless and you are sure to find gobs of good stuff in your research so we suggest you keep a file on all these possible new haunts and set the intention of visiting soon after you move.

We hope we have inspired Virginia movers to think and dream about where they are going. When you move to a new place, finding your creature comforts in research you do ahead of time can create a sense of belonging there. Check back here in the future. Dunmar Moving Systems likes all things moving and has much to share to help out our Virginia Movers before, during and after their moves.

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