Moving Tips & Resources

Use Dunmar’s moving tips and tools to make sure you are fully prepared for your upcoming Virginia move. We provide a variety of materials to assist you throughout the move process, from the planning to the packing! Read our moving tips and tools to educate yourself on what you should know and expect for the move. Click on the links below to browse our different moving tips and guides:

Moving Countdown: Learn the proper way to plan your move, from when to choose a mover to what to do on the actual move day, with our moving countdown.

Packing Tips: Packing yourself? We provide helpful tips for packing and protecting your household goods for secure transport.

Non-Transportable Items: Make sure to leave certain things behind. Click here to read about items that are prohibited or not recommended to be moved with your shipment.

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Video: The Moving Experience

Video: Valuation

Video: What’s the Big Deal About In-House Estimates? How to Pick the Best One for Your Move.

Video: 10 Common Mistakes You Can Avoid When Hiring Your Movers

Below you will find links and documents from Allied and the Department of Transportation to reference. Please contact Dunmar if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these documents at 1-800-849-3399.


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