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moving companies roanoke va - Dunmar MovingAre you looking for the best in moving companies in Roanoke, VA? Dunmar is the company to contact! Whether you are moving into or out of the Roanoke area, you may need interstate moving services and Dunmar is your expert in local, as well as long-distance moves. Since 1970, we have been guiding individuals and corporations through successful transitions to their new locations.

All moving companies in Roanoke, VA are not alike! Moving to a different state requires advanced planning and Dunmar has the experience to make your move as worry-free as possible. We will help you throughout the moving process, starting from an on-site survey and estimate all the way through packing, loading, and transport until the last item is unloaded and set into its place. We’ll keep you informed throughout the move so you can have the peace of mind which will allow you to work on the many other details of the transition that are best done by you.

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If you will be a new resident to Roanoke, you should know that it is the largest municipality in  southwestern Virginia, with about 100,000 residents. During colonial times, Roanoke was important as a hub of trails and roads for settlers in the area. It was a fast-growing city in the 1800s, which earned it the nickname of “Magic City.” Today, the area attracts multitudes of visitors annually as an arts and culture scene in the Blue Ridge Mountains that is vibrant, innovative and exciting. There are plenty of activities and celebrations including a variety of live music, performing arts, and local museums to visit. The history of the Roanoke Valley was shaped by Native Americans and other peoples who settled into the Blue Ridge Mountains and Roanoke residents proudly embrace this heritage and share it. You can learn more through the Blue Ridge Institute & Museum. While in Roanoke, be sure to visit The Science Museum of Western Virginia for an education hands-on experience and don’t miss the Mill Mountain Star and Park at night to see the famous landmark star shining brightly when lit up!


About Roanoke, VA

Discovering the charm of Roanoke, VA is an invitation to experience a dynamic blend of urban amenities and scenic landscapes. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Roanoke offers a picturesque setting with outdoor adventures just a stone’s throw away. The city’s downtown scene is alive with a thriving arts community, locally-owned shops, and a diverse culinary landscape. Residents enjoy the iconic Roanoke Star overlooking the city and the scenic beauty of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Roanoke’s strong sense of community is evident in its numerous festivals and events, fostering connections among locals. With a rich history and a modern vibe, Roanoke is a place where both tradition and progress coexist harmoniously. Moving to Roanoke means embracing a lifestyle that seamlessly combines the comforts of city living with the serenity of the great outdoors. Our moving company is committed to ensuring your transition to Roanoke is smooth, so you can quickly immerse yourself in the unique charm this Virginia city has to offer.


Dunmar is the best of moving companies in Roanoke, VA; offering DIY, partial, or full-service packing, as well as long and short-term storage options. Our team of professionals can even take care of vehicle transport and special handling services for items like pianos, artwork, grandfathers clocks, and pool tables. Contact our qualified team of movers today to talk with a relocation specialist who will guide you through all the info you will need for a seamless move in the Roanoke area.



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