Moving Countdown

Six weeks before moving:

  • Request copies of records from schools, doctors, dentists and other medical professionals.
  • Start gathering unneeded items to sell at a garage sale, donate, recycle, or throw away.
  • Begin a running list of items you will need to replace when you relocate. This will save repeated trips to the store while you are getting settled.
  • Start using foods (in your cupboards, refrigerator, and freezer) and cleaning supplies or other items that cannot be moved; click here for a list.
  • Arrange for special transportation of your pets if not traveling with you.
  • Make any special travel plans necessary for your move.

Three to four weeks before move out day

  • Hold your garage sale.
  • Arrange for new subscriptions, forwarding, or canceling of newspaper subscriptions.
  • Contact your insurance companies.
  • File your change of address online or print out a form to give to your local post office. For more information, see “Change Address” with USPS.
  • Arrange for local phone service. Be sure to disconnect the day after you leave and connect the day before you arrive. Make sure the box containing your phone is clearly marked!
  • Connect electric and gas utilities for service at your new home. Be sure to disconnect the day after you leave and connect the day before you arrive.
  • Arrange special transportation for plants. The Interstate Commerce Commission restricts shipment of Plants, perishables, and frozen foods unless delivery is to be within 24 hours of loading or within 150 miles from origin and in the event that no storage is required. Entry into some states requires the U.S. Department of Agriculture perform inspection of plants, perishables and frozen foods. Please ask your Dunmar Moving Systems Relocation Coordinator for further information.

Two weeks before move out day

  • Make sure your car is ready to go on moving day by having it serviced now.
  • Transfer your bank accounts and establish an account in your new location before the move if possible. Clean out your safety deposit box.
  • Coordinate donation/disposal of anything not sold at your garage sale. Call local charities for pick-up, making sure you get a donation receipt for taxes. Books will normally be accepted at the local library.
  • Transfer prescriptions and be sure you have an adequate supply of medications on hand.
  • Take pets to the veterinarian for any needed immunizations. Get copies of pets’ veterinary records.
  • Appliances, swing sets, waterbeds, etc. that require disconnection/disassembly and reconnection /assembly must be arranged in advance of the required service. Please call your Relocation Coordinator at Dunmar Moving Systems.
  • Stay in Touch with your Relocation Coordinator

One week before move out day

  • Confirm any travel reservations (rental cars, airfare, motels, etc.).
  • Clean lawn mower and gardening tools & drain gas and oil from power equipment (such as lawn mower, snow blower, power tools, etc.). Disconnect any spark plugs.
  • Disconnect and prepare major appliances for your move. The day before loading, unplug your refrigerator, clean it out and let it dry. Block doors open so they can’t accidentally close on pets or children.
  • Take one last walk through the entire house and make sure everything in the house has been packed. Check the attic and other spaces for any items you may have stored. Remember the driver and his helper are not required to go into attics without a permanent floor.
  • Remove any permanently mounted items that you wish to move such as ceiling fans, curtain rods, and chandeliers. If you need assistance, please call your Dunmar Relocation Coordinator.
  • Date Changes -Call your Relocation Coordinator no later than three business days prior to the first day of packing.
  • Stay in Touch with your Relocation Coordinator

The day of your move

  • Make arrangements for you or your chosen representative to be present during all phases of loading and delivery and unpacking of your shipment.
  • Make arrangements for someone to care for your children and pets so that you can concentrate on the moving process without worrying about their safety.
  • Make sure that all items that you want moved are actually loaded on the truck before it departs.
  • Get a copy of all paperwork from the Van Foreman/Driver.
  • Stay in Touch with your Relocation Coordinator.
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