The Ultimate Packing Guide from Top Moving Companies in Virginia

Packing is often the hardest part of moving; Dunmar Moving and Storage, one of the top moving companies in Virginia, has created the ultimate packing guide

When it comes to packing your home for a move, one of the best tips from moving companies in Virginia is to get an early start. It takes a lot of hard work preparing and packing your home for a move. Even if you have left it to the last minute to do your packing, doing so carefully and with the proper supplies and techniques will help ensure everything makes it to your new home safely. To help you with this, we asked our professional packers for a few of their favorite tips.

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Packing Clothes

As one of the top moving companies in Virginia, we recommend the use of wardrobe boxes for everything you have on hangers. Not only will this make packing them more manageable, but it will also help avoid “packing wrinkles” when you unpack them.

Instead of using boxes for the clothes you have in drawers, use plastic wrap to hold it all in place. This way, they can travel in their housing, saving you money on boxes, and the plastic wrap ensures nothing falls out.


Most of us do not keep the boxes for things like printers, computer towers, monitors and TVs, game systems, etc. However, if you are someone who has done so, packing the items in their original box is the best way to transport them. For those who did not’ keep the boxes, use plenty of bubble wrap to protect them when you pack them.

Be sure you record serial numbers and take pictures of each item and any other valuable you plan to have transported. Having this information readily available will make it much easier for the insurance company should anything happen.


For this, you will need plenty of packing paper, some towels, t-shirts, and linens. Each plate should be individually wrapped and placed vertically in the box (you should put something soft on the bottom of the box. All cups and glasses must be wrapped and placed on the padded base of the box. Between each layer of cups or glasses, use towels, t-shirts, etc. to pad the bottoms of the boxes. Be sure you fill any voids with more sheets etc. to keep things from shifting.

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