Model Home Delivery and Storage in Blacksburg, VA, Richmond, VA and Surrounding Areas

We offer storage in Blacksburg, VA for the furnishings and fitments you use to set up your model homes

As a homebuilder, one of the first new homes you build with each project is usually the “model home.” Of course, your model home needs furniture, curtains, sheets, and many other items that showcase the features, the size, and the “hominess” of the houses you plan to build. Each model home may require different furnishings and so forth. The big question is, what are you supposed to do with everything you need for your model homes in between projects? At Dunmar Moving and Storage we offer an options for storage in Blacksburg, VA  designed specifically for home builders. We offer a range of model home delivery and storage solutions.

Our model home delivery and storage in Blacksburg, VA will make it much easier for you to move from one house to another house. We can arrange to come to your current model home, pack things up, and take them back to our secure warehouses. We offer both short and long-term storage solutions for residential and commercial customers. Your goods will be protected from the elements and potential theft.

When We Handle Your Storage in Blacksburg, We Deliver the Items When Your Need Them!

When your next model home is ready to be furnished, all you need to do is give us a call. We will load the items you want in our truck and deliver them to the new location. Our moving team will unload everything and take it into the house. We can help with arranging the furniture as per your instructions and staging the house to look “lived in,” which is the best way to let potential buyers get a feel for what their house might look like when they move in.

If we bring anything that doesn’t need to be in your model home, our team will load it back in the truck and return it when you need it again. Consider us to be your silent partner with every new model house you build.

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