10 Reasons To Move To Richmond, VA

Are you considering moving in 2022? Then why not put Richmond, VA., on the top of your list for places to consider?! Richmond, VA., is a beautiful area with tons of things to do for every age. While we may be a bit partial since Dunmar has called Richmond, VA. home for years, many people would agree with us.


Why Move To Richmond, VA


The top reasons to relocate here are:


  1. Affordable housing compared to other areas of the country
  2. Unique neighborhoods to choose from
  3. Steady economy
  4. High-rated school systems
  5. We do have four seasons, so you get the best of all worlds
  6. Tons of outdoor activities you can enjoy
  7. A thriving cafe culture for those who would rather stay indoors
  8. Historical!
  9. A foodie environment for those who love restaurants
  10. Tons of craft beer locations, and these continue to grow


With all that Richmond, VA. has to offer, there is something for everyone. Those who live here know that at any time, they can be enjoying a great weekend off in the great outdoors, checking out the latest shows downtown, or even enjoying some beauty in the historic districts.


If you decide to relocate to Richmond, VA., you want the best movers in Richmond…which is Dunmar Moving. We handle local and long-distance moves with the care and respect your items deserve. We pride ourselves on not only our professionalism during a move but also on our love for our local community.

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