10 Things To Buy When Moving Into A New House

When packing up for a move, there are some things that people decide to part with and buy new when they move into their new house. Granted, some of these items depend on whether your old is worn out or you want to change it up a bit. Here are 10 things you may want to consider buying after moving into your new home!


  1. Robot Vacuum: Many people find that moving into a new house and keeping it spotless is easier when you have a robot vacuum. Of course, if you already have one of these, this is something to move with you unless it no longer works.


  1. Smart Doorbell: If you have never had a smart doorbell, this may be something to invest in with your new home. This doorbell will alert you when someone is at the door so you can see them on a mobile device.


  1. Smart Thermostat: If your new home is not equipped with a smart thermostat, consider installing once. You will find that this can save you money on your energy costs each month!



  1. Curtains: While many homes you buy come with all the window treatments, they may not fit your style. So, new curtains are often something people get new when moving into their homes.


  1. Paint: When moving into a new home, now is the time to paint your walls. While you may move into a home with a neutral color everywhere, nothing shows your personality more than opting for colors you love!



  1. Fresh plants: If you had fresh plants in your old home, moving these may not only be difficult but many times results in the plants dying depending on how they were planted. Fresh plants are just a small thing to have in your new house, making it feel more like home.


  1. New shower heads: If your new home does not have a state-of-the-art shower head, go ahead and get one. They are simple to swap out, allowing you to have just what you need in terms of how the water is directed and the force in which the water comes out.



  1. Towels: Yes, you may have a ton of old towels you used while packing up your belongings, but new towels are often just one little thing to have in the new home that gets you started on the right foot.


  1. Toilet seats: While the toilet seat may be clean, many people find that they would change out to something new instead. With two screws to change out, it is a simple adjustment that may help if you are worried about germs.



  1. New Door Locks: This is always a good idea, and you can always call a locksmith. Changing out locks is high on the list to ensure your new home is safe.



For those who are getting ready to move, hire the professionals at Dunmar Moving to ensure your move is handled with professionalism and courtesy!

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