10 Tips for Halloween Safety

Halloween is right around the corner and here at Dunmar Moving Systems, we want all of our customers and the residents of our area to be safe! Kids are going to be decked out in their Halloween costumes, going door to door trick-or-treating, and having tons of fun. But, this can also be a time in which everyone is in danger as well. For those who plan to be out on the nights of trick-or-treating or when there are numerous festivals or the like happening, here are some safety tips for everyone to do their part to remain safe!

  1. When driving around the area, drive slowly.
  2. Kids should always be with an adult who is watching out for them.
  3. Be sure that kids know basic safety rules about crossing a road, such as looking both ways and listening before crossing.
  4. Only trick-or-treat in areas that you know and feel comfortable with being in.
  5. As it gets darker sooner now, be sure that kids are wearing something that is reflective. While most trick-or-treating times end before it gets too dark, having something that is reflective is a great safety precaution to take.
  6. Inspect candy when you get home before kids eat any of this. If anything is unwrapped or looks tampered with, toss it!
  7. Only go to those houses that are participating in trick-or-treating.
  8. Consider going to a trunk or treat or a main street event to avoid having to go house to house. This is often deemed as a safer alternative for trick-or-treating.
  9. Scary costumes will be out there, so be sure that little kids understand there is nothing to be afraid of.
  10. Be courteous, pay attention to your surroundings and have fun!


We hope that everyone has a great Halloween!

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