3 Ideas for Upcycling those Moving Boxes

What do you do with those moving boxes once you have moved in and unpacked? Do you simply collapse these and throw them into a dumpster? For those who love the idea of upcycling…and who doesn’t!? After all, making something new out of something that you no longer need is a great green idea! There are several upcycling ideas that you can use for your old moving boxes! 

Idea 1: Turn these into storage boxes

It takes minimum work and a few supplies to make this work. Go to the store and invest into contact paper with fun designs, some rope and scissors. Once you have these items, you choose a moving box and do the following:

  • Cut away the flaps of the box
  • Cover this with contact paper tightly, and you can cover the inside as well if you want.
  • Take your scissors and cut out holes on the front of the box that can easily be a handle.
  • Slide the rope into the hole of one end, knot this so it cannot go through, and string it through the other hole, following with a knot.

The end result is a one of a kind storage boxes that may be perfect for craft items or even kids’ toys.

Idea 2: Playhouses for Kids

If you have kids, then they are going to love this idea! And better yet there are tons of plans online that you can find that are meant to make it easier to make a playhouse out of the boxes that you have on hand. Just like this one: https://abeautifulmess.com/2013/01/diy-playhouses.html

Idea 3: Make a Stair Slide

Sometimes it is the little things in your home that the kids are going to remember. For those with older kids, take a few boxes that are collapsed and turn your stairs into a slide. Kids have fun and it can be a blast for adults as well. Remember to wear a helmet to avoid a serious accident, and you even consider putting some blankets and pillows at the bottom to cushion the blow!

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