3 Mistakes Made when Downsizing

Are you downsizing your home? Whether this is due to necessity or you are dealing with the kids leaving home and not needing this room, there are many people who downsize and move into a smaller home. There are tons of advice out there as to how a person should be downsizing, but have you heard about the mistakes that many people make? There are tons that are being made, but most people are not aware of these! The problem is that these mistakes can sour your outlook on the move. But the good news, is that they can easily be avoided.

Mistake 1: Waiting too long to downsize

We see this many times in which the person waited tons of years to downsize, resulting in having to go through more clutter and making it a bit harder to say goodbye. The best piece of advice that people can listen to: When it is time to downsize don’t put this off!

Mistake 2: Letting people see what they want

There is nothing wrong with inviting family into your home to let them see what pieces they may want that you are not going to take with you. However, the mistakes come when you don’t give them a time limit. There have been times, that movers have moved items that the other person wanted, but they did not let the owner know for a few months. When you have people over to see if there is anything they want, tell them now or never.

Mistake 3: Tackling the whole house at once

It can be overwhelming when you start to downsize your belongings and one of the biggest mistakes that people make is trying to do their whole home at once. Instead, focus on one room at a time to get the most out of this!

Downsizing is not something that you have to do on your own. Call in the professionals, and here at Dunmar Moving we are more than willing to help you with any and all moving issues.

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