3 Mistakes That Happen When a Move is Rushed

Rushed Moves and the Mistakes That Come With Them

For those who know they have an upcoming move, the idea is that you have enough time to do this move right. However, there are times in which a move is rushed. Whether this is due to an unforeseen circumstance, putting off packing until the last minute or whatnot, a rushed move can result in a ton of mistakes. And these mistakes can make your move that much harder and frustrating.

Mistake 1: Not labeling boxes and throwing everything into a box.

One of the biggest mistakes is that you are trying to get everything packed in a limited amount of time. This is going to mean that you may just start throwing things into a box without really taking the time to note what is in the box. When you get to your new location, it is going to be a huge headache to figure out where items are located, what areas of the home that boxes go and the like. How can you avoid this if you rushing a move? Hire packers to come into your home and pack these items for you. Here at Dunmar Moving we have packing professionals who are going to pack these boxes with care and attention to detail…which makes all the difference when you are moving into your new home.

Mistake 2: You toss a lot of things that you may have wanted to keep.

While moving, most people take the time to declutter their home as well. Why pack things that you do not want? This makes sense. However, when the move is rushed a lot of people are going to throw away items that they could have used or that they truly wanted to keep. When a move is rushed, your mind is focused on getting things packed and getting out of the home as fast as you can, thus you just say toss to items to that you should have held onto.

Mistake 3: Broken items…a lot of broken items

Broken items can happen any time, but they tend to happen more when the move is rushed. Why is this? It goes back to not packing properly since you are in such a rush. Therefore professional packers can help to avoid a lot of these types of mistakes!



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