3 Tips for a Break-Free Move

When moving, packing is the chore that most people dread. And no matter what they do, they often find that they are in their new home with broken items. Packing tips found online often speak of using newspaper as cushioning for those breakable items, however, we can do better than that! Here at Dunmar Moving, we have been in the business for enough years to provide you with some packing tips that are truly going to make for a break-free move!

This is a tip that comes highly recommended. Instead of packing these as though they are sitting in a cabinet, pack these vertically. Why? This is going to decrease the number of pressure points that are often the cause for a broke dish after unpacking. You want to approach the dishes as though they are records, then utilize some bubble wrap and towels to help keep these upright in the box.

While most people will not put their boxes of cosmetics on the moving truck, these are still being moved, and chances are the cosmetics will be broken can cracked by the time you get to your new home. To avoid this costly mistake, take cotton balls and put these on the inside of the cosmetic. For example, with blush, press the cotton ball into the blush and shut the plastic lid. It allows the lid to have cushion which can prevent this from cracking.

We all know to put our toiletry items into a plastic bag in the event that they spill. This way, we know that no clothing or bags are being ruined. However, most people become aware that they now have a sticky bag full of their favorite body soap to clean up. A simple hack to prevent this is to take a small piece of plastic wrap, remove the lid and place this plastic wrap over the opening. Then secure this in place with the lid. Now, there is a barrier to keep from spilling, just as if you bought this new from the store.

If you want to experience what a break-free move is all about, these tips can help to get you there. Moving is difficult enough without having to worry about your items being broken along the way. For those in the Virginia area, Dunmar Moving is here for you. We are ready to tackle your move and make it easier on you, just contact us to schedule an appointment!

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