3 Tips for a Smooth Summer Move

Summer weather is hitting most areas throughout the United States. And when summer comes, there are certain elements that you have to contend with while moving. For example, pop up rainstorms can be an issue for many people. Also, the heat is a big variable that must be taken into consideration when moving. After all, moving is a hugely physical task that is going to require being in and out of these elements during the moving process. With this being said, we have a few aspects to keep in mind when moving during the summer time.

Thunderstorms Could Potentially Slow Down a Move
Depending upon the severity, remember that this type of weather could slow down your move. The good news, these thunderstorms rarely last for hours on end. These are often pop up storms that last for a few minutes, and then give way to a hot and humid day. When these storms are at their worst though, it is best for movers and your belongings to stay put rather than try to move these items into your new home.

Hydration is Key
With the hot and humid days, coupled with moving large furniture, boxes and the like, hydration is key for both you and the professional movers. Be sure that everyone is drinking enough water and sports drinks to stay hydrated. Dehydration can lead to major mistakes, such as fainting and dropping furniture or boxes, along with becoming injured.

Idea: provide some bottles of water that are cold to your professional movers…it is a nice gesture that will be appreciated.

The Heat Can Melt
Remember, with summer moves, the heat can be in the triple digits at times. If you are putting your belongings into storage before moving into a new home, be sure that nothing that you place in here can melt. The heat can easily melt pictures, candles and other items.

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