3 Tips to Keep a Home Tidy and Organized

Upon moving into a new home, it can seem as though you are never going to get your new home clean and organized. Many people find that once they have unpacked, their home is organized and spotless. But, how can you keep it this way! 

Make Small Changes to your Daily Life

For many people, keeping your home clean and organized means making a few small changes to what you do daily. For example:

  • Wash dishes before you go to bed
  • Put away the laundry as soon as it comes out of the dryer
  • Put away mail in a designated spot instead of leaving this on the table

It is these small changes that can make all the difference to keeping your home organized even after moving into a new home!

Start at the Front Door

If you have recently moved into a home, where to start unpacking is a major decision to make. And once items are unpacked, it can be difficult to get everything organized. One of the best tips that you can use is to start organization at the front door and work your way into the home. You can take this time to dispose of moving boxes, put items into storage units that you are not going to need or even putting items into a donation pile, especially if you did not have the time to declutter before your move.

Go One Room at a Time

If you have unpacked and find that clutter is still a huge part of your new home, then go one room at a time to declutter. While we recommend that you declutter your life while packing to move, we understand that this is not always something that you can do due to time constraints. Instead, do this upon moving in. One room a day could have your whole home organized and tidy within a week!

For those who have moved into a new home, it is best to start now to keep this home organized and tidy. And don’t forget for your packing and moving needs, Dunmar Moving is here for you!

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