3 Ways To Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Ways to Make Your House Feel Like Home

There’s a ton of advice about starting to feel at home in your new house and neighborhood when you move. However, most of these ideas are about exploring your new area and getting to know your neighbors. While these are great ideas, did you know there are some things that you can do to make your new house feel like home?

Home has a certain feel to it — it is where we feel comfortable and want to be at the end of a hard day. There is no harder day than when you move into a new house. It can feel daunting and even lonely being in a new house. Many times it is the day people move into their new house that they start second-guessing their move in the first place. The good news is that this new house will become home in no time if you use these three tips to help set the mood and make this house feel like home sooner!


  1. Smells entice so many memories. After all, have you ever found yourself smelling cookies or the like baking in the oven only to flash back to a certain good memory? Smell is powerful! For this reason, think about your old house — what smell do you associate with this house? You can easily find a candle in the same scent and start burning this in your new house to give the feeling of home!


  1. Go ahead and hang the photos! Yes, many people would tell you to wait and ensure you want these photos in a certain area. However, hanging these personal mementos can make your new house feel more like home.


  1. Be sure you get your bedroom completely set up and ready to relax. There is nothing better than lying down after a long day of moving to relax and get a feel for your new house!


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