4 Housewarming Gifts for a New Move In

For those who have had close friends or family recently move, chances are they are busy unpacking and getting their new home into order. For those who like to bring a little housewarming gift to their friends or family, there are several things that you can bring that are going to be greatly appreciated, especially if the packing was not entirely organized!

Housewarming Gifts - Dunmar Moving Systems in Richmond, VA

1. Bring a box of essentials for the first week or so

This box of essentials can include toilet paper, a first aid kit, paper towels and other related items. It may be a welcome sight, especially if they forgot to pack one for themselves!

2. Cleaning supplies

Bring in a bag of cleaning supplies like Lysol wipes, soap and sponges, or even a cheap mop. And if you really want to give them a special gift, help them to get their new home cleaned up before they completely unpack everything.

3. A new home gift

Since this is a new home, there may be some things that they have not thought about. Why not make them a box of items for a new home? Things like candles, batteries, a new wreath for their front door or the like.

4. Bring by dinner

If you know that they are busy unpacking, then bring dinner and maybe even a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer, so they can relax. While they may have been planning to call for a take out order, this way they are not having to stop and they are getting fed to. It will be greatly appreciated!

When you have friends or family moving into a new home, they may need as much help as they can get. Make sure that if you decide on a housewarming gift it is going to be one that is going to help them out….they will gladly appreciate it!

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