4 Things to Do Before Movers Arrive

Moving soon? Are you sure you’re ready for the movers to arrive tomorrow? Often times, people are surprised at how they aren’t actually prepared for the movers when they show up! Here are a few things that many people forget to do before movers arrive. 

  1. A clear path to get to your belongings is a must! Many times, people are packing and scooting boxes to wherever in order to get the packing done. The end result means not having a clear path to get to the furniture and other items that need to put onto the truck.
  2. Do you have all your paperwork together? For example, maybe you plan to be at a hotel once the movers leave…do you have this reservation and the corresponding confirmation to get this? Having this with you instead of packed inside of a box somewhere is a must!
  3. Have towels or other cloth laid down to protect the floors. The good news is that most movers are going to remember this, so you may not have to. This is just meant to protect your floors and ensure that you are not going to have damage to the floors once items have been moved out.
  4. Make sure that you have nowhere to be while your movers are your home. Too many people want to leave and go do something else. However, there needs to be a responsible party there in the event that the movers have questions or need permission for something.

While you may think you are ready for your movers, are you truly ready? You are going to find that many people forget these four things. The good news is that when you work with Dunmar Moving, you are going to find that we handle almost everything for your move, so that your stress is reduced, and your move is flawless.

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