4 Tips for a Cozy Home

4 Tips for a Cozy Home

Once you have moved into a home, the movers have left, what can you do to make this home even more cozy? The key to achieving that coziness that makes a house feel like a home may surprise you! And when you are moving during the colder months, setting the mood in the home can help to battle the seasonal blues that so many people get, that may be even worse due to the stress of a recent move. So, what can you do?

Here are 4 tips for making your home feel cozy from day one!


  1. Burn a candle that is going to make you feel comfortable. You will find that you can easily find seasonal candles that may help bring back lovely memories of the holidays. Or if you have a favorite scent then get this burning in your house to make it feel more like home.


  1. Take to the oven and bake something! Bake some cookies, a cake, a pie, whatever you want to bake. You will find that baking is not only going to make your entire house smell like a bakery which gives feelings of home and happiness, it can also help you to feel at home in your new kitchen.


  1. Have a playlist of uplifting music that makes you smile and make you feel at home. Put on a music list that is going to help you to relax and feel at home in your new house. You can even turn on music for unpacking that is energetic to help you get through this long process!


  1. You are starting with an empty canvas when you move into a new home, so be sure that you make it one that is inviting. You will find that using throw pillows and quilts is a great way to make a room feel homier and more welcoming. It is an easy enough thing to do that can make all the difference in the world!


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