4 Tips for a Perfect Spring Move

Spring is a time of rebirth, of flowers blooming, allergies starting, more sunshine, pop-up rain showers, and so much more! It is also the time of the year that the moving season starts. More people move in the Spring and Summer than other months. So, if you have a move this summer, here are a few tips to ensure that you have a perfect Spring move!

  1. Do some spring cleaning on your current home

If you are moving out of a home that you plan to put onto the market, then be sure that you are spring cleaning this to ensure it is ready for the new owners. Plus, if you take the time now to clean this, you will find that it could help it sell faster. After all, everyone loves to move into a home that smell fresh and is clean!

  1. Be sure to contact your movers as early as possible

As pointed out before, the Spring season starts the beginning of moving season. For that reason, you will want to contact us early to get your move on the books. The earlier that you contact us, the better the chance of getting a moving date that is perfect for your schedule. Here at Dunmar, we aim to work with every customer who calls us to get the best moving date that we can possibly can for their move!

  1. It is a great time for a yard sale

When you are decluttering before the move, you can try to host a yard sale to get rid of some items and make a little money. Spring is the season that many people start to host yard sales, so it could be worth it. While there is a lot of work that goes into a yard sale, many people find that it can help them with some of their moving expenses, so it may be worth it for you.

  1. Be prepared for a change in the weather

There is nothing worse than inclement weather on your moving date when you expected it to be nice. With Spring, you never know! There always seems to be a chance for storms or pop-up showers, so be sure that you have the necessary tools for a rainy move. This may mean having those rain boots to wear instead of your tennis shoes. Changing out from a tee shirt to use your rain jacket, and the like.



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