4 Tips for Packing a Messy House

When your house is messy, the idea of having to pack for a move is daunting. We totally get it! However, the packing must be done to get moved into your new home. Whether you are moving into a larger house, thus the small

home you have now is messy due to the lack of room, or maybe you have kids and toys are strung everywhere…no matter the mess you can use these tips to make it easier to pack your home!

  1. Start Small

Start small when you are packing a messy house. You will find that this can help to get through the process when you are focusing on one small area at a time. You may find it best to start with a closet. And once you get this done, you will find that you mentally will be happy to get on with the other areas of your home.

  1. One Room at a Time

The one room at a time rule is going to help you get through this process even easier. You will find that when you only focus on one room at a time that you can deal much easier. Start with a room that you may not use a lot. For example, maybe you will want to pack up your garage first or even your junk room.

  1. Declutter As You Go

Decluttering is an essential part of packing for a move. You will find that decluttering is going to mean less that you move, which is always a plus. Why pay to move items that you will not use at your new home? If you search for decluttering tips, you are going to find tons. For example, when it comes to clothing and shoes, if you have not worn these in the past year, then it may be time to donate these to get them out of your way.

  1. Start Early

When you are dealing with a messy house, then starting early is going to allow you to have the time that is needed to get this done. Plus, the more time that you have, the less you are going to feel rushed and panicked, which can make packing and moving that much harder!

Remember, when it comes to packing, we have professionals who can come to your home and help you get this done. It can help to alleviate some of the stress that you have on your shoulders!

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