4 Tips For Packing Sentimental Items

One of the biggest things that take time when packing is going through those sentimental items. Often, old pictures can have you fondly reminiscing about the time, and before you know it, two hours have passed since you packed a box.


For those packing up their home, knowing what you can do to limit the time wasted on sentimental items is key to making this process flow even smoother! Here are a few tips to help you do just that:


  1. Make sure you are in the right head space to deal with sentimental items.


You want to be calm, well-rested, and not hungry when dealing with having to pack up sentimental items. This is especially true if you know that some items need to be donated or thrown away before moving.


  1. Keep only one item for its memories.


While we are not saying you have to throw away or donate everything that has a memory to it, you will find that you should keep one item for this memory. For example, if you have a concert ticket stub, the shirt you bought, and pictures of the event, do you need to keep it all if you are not using it? Having this mindset can make getting rid of some sentimental items easier.


  1. Take a picture.


Let’s face it; it is easier to have a digital photo of something than to have the actual item. This is an excellent tip for those who may be holding onto big items passed down from generation to generation. While you may not be using these, a picture can help you still hold onto the item without having it physically in your new home.


  1. Pass the item onto someone else in the family.


Just because you no longer have room for a large item passed down through the family doesn’t mean that another family member doesn’t have the room. Instead of donating, contact the family to see if someone wants to hang onto this piece to keep it in the family.


We understand it can be challenging to get rid of items that have a sentimental attachment. But, these tips are meant to make it a bit easier and to help you through this process. Part of the stress of moving is the sentiment you start feeling with packing. That is why many people opt to let the pros pack for them at Dunmar Moving so that they know it is done right and speedy.



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