4 Tips to Help Kids (and Parents) with Toy Packing

When moving with kids, what is one of the biggest obstacles that parents have? While many people may think it is getting the kids to go along with this move, it actually usually involves the packing. Most parents do not even realize how many toys their kids have until they get to packing for a move. It can be overwhelming when you realize just how many toys your kids have. The question that most parents ask is just how can they get their kids to let go of those old toys before they move? We have a few pieces of advice!

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  1. Talk to your kids about donating their old toys that they no longer play with. You can talk about how other kids do not have any toys and through donating your old toys, you are doing something good for the world. This is often a great way to get younger kids to realize that they are fortunate, and they are more than willing to donate those old toys.
  2. Be sure to point out that these old toys may not fit into the new room. This is especially helpful for those who have let their kids design the look of their new room.
  3. Tell your kids that they get x number of boxes for toys. Anything that does not fit in those boxes will be given away. This will help kids to make the decision about what toys are more important than others, helping the packing process along the way.
  4.  Toys that are old and broken do not need to be packed. Instead, they need to be trashed, and this is something that you may have to work with on younger kids, as they tend to want to keep everything.

For those who are moving with kids, you can make this process a bit easier by allowing the pros to work with you. Here at Dunmar Moving we have handled all kinds of moves, from business moves to moves with more than one stops, and yes, several moves that involved boxes of toys!

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