4 Ways to Upgrade a Home to Sell Sooner

For those who are looking to move in the New Year, then now is the time to make sure that your home is ready to be sold. While there are tons of tips out there to make your home ready for a sale, to make it more appealing to buyers, etc., what is it that you are hoping to accomplish? Are you wanting to get your hold as soon as possible? Are you hoping to get a higher price? For those who are hoping to upgrade their current home to get more when they do sell and move, we have some of the ways that people throughout the United States are doing this!

upgrade your home to sell with Dunmar Moving Systems in Richmond, VA

  1. They are upgrading their garage doors. While almost everyone has the garage door that has the small window in it, those who are wanting to upgrade their home are looking for frosted glass garage doors to add even more curb appeal!
  2. Make sure that the front yard that is seen from the road looks amazing. While many people go with artificial turf on their yards, many people are finding that real grass sells better.
  3. Have a neutral accent wall in a family room or dining room. Don’t make this too outlandish, but something that is neutral and just helps to make your home stand out.
  4. Highlight the outdoor life that can be had at this home. Let’s face it, most people have spent tons of time at home this past year, so highlight what it is about your home’s outdoors that will make this even more appealing to potential buyers.


Whether you move in January or get your home sold later in May or April, Dunmar Moving is here to make this happen. While you worry about getting the home sold, let us worry about the move for you, contact us today. 

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