5 Cleaning Tips When Moving into a Home

dunmarWhen moving into a new home, most often we are worried about getting the furniture in the perfect spot, getting those boxes unloaded into the right rooms, and then finally just wanting to sit down and put our feet up. We totally get it…the moving process can be tiring, stressful and physical demanding. However, when you use professional movers, you are lightening your load a bit, and don’t have as much to worry about. This means you can focus your attention to ensuring that the home is move in ready. Which often involves cleaning a bit before the movers arrive, so you know you can rest once everything has been unloaded.

The problem is that most people pack up their cleaning supplies when they are moving. Or they use them all on their old home before the move. What cleaning must haves do you need for your new home? Let’s take a look at 5 items that ensure your home is ready for moving in!

  1. Have paper towels or old rags: the choice is really up to you and whether you prefer to throw out paper towels or wash and reuse the old rags. You can even use sponges if you are more comfortable with this option.
  2. Vinegar is a must have: Vinegar can replace just about every cleaning product that you have. It can be combined with water to use for washing windows and mirrors. It can be diluted with water to help with washing floors, sinks, bathtubs and counters while killing germs.
  3. You need a broom: A broom is a must have as you never know what the previous owners may have left behind. If you have all carpet in the home, then a vacuum will be needed rather than a broom. You may even consider steam cleaning the carpets before your furniture arrives to ensure everything is squeaky clean!
  4. Rubber Gloves: This could be a messy job, as you are cleaning up after others rather than your own family. We recommend rubber gloves, especially if you are working with vinegar. While this is a great alternative to chemicals, vinegar can still dry out your hands.
  5. Air Filters: Most people don’t think about the air filters in the AC units when they are cleaning. But, this is vital. Change out the air filter and consider opening up the vents and vacuuming these out with your vacuum. There is no reason not to do this now, since all the furniture is not in the home yet.

Remember, clean the home as though you are cleaning this to be seen on national television. You will be happier that you do this now so that when your furniture arrives, you can sit back and relax in your new home.

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