5 Must-Haves When Moving Into Your New House

After the movers have left and boxes are everywhere, where do you start? Many people go room to room unpacking and getting everything set up, which is an excellent plan and is a way to stay super organized. However, there are some things that you may need that are not in the first rooms you unpack! This is why many people have boxes they pack that are for unpacking first. They will even state on the box to “Unpack First” so that you have the essentials. Aside from essentials like toilet paper and paper towels, what are some of the other must-haves for moving into a new house? We have five items listed below that you may consider packing into these “Unpack First” boxes!


  1. Your coffee maker and your favorite mug. Do you want to wake up the day after moving in without your caffeine jolt?!


  1. Cleaners like toilet bowl cleaner and spray disinfectant. Do you want to sit on a toilet seat that has not been cleaned when you move in?


  1. Your favorite candle scent. It may seem odd, but burning a candle in a scent that makes you think about home can make you feel more at home. Think of a comforting scent, like fresh baked cookies, apple cinnamon, and other smells.


  1. Your headphones or Bluetooth speaker. Who wants to unpack everything without background tunes playing?


  1. Snacks like protein bars to snack on while you are unpacking. While you may not pack this in an essentials box because packing food with your cleansers is never a good idea. But, you may find it easier to stop at a convenience store before you get to your new house on move-in day for these items.


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