5 Tips For Business Owners Who Are Moving Their Business

Tips for Moving a Business

Moving a business is never a small feat — no matter the size of your Richmond, VA. business! For most business owners, the idea of moving may be nerve-racking, but the benefits of relocating outweigh these nerves and the work that goes into the move.

A big part of moving your business is your employees! Just how can your employees provide that little something extra to make your business move easier? There are many ways in which your employees can make all the difference in your business move, and here are five tips to help business owners utilize their employees to assist with the move.

  1. Managers and employees in the upper level of the business are great sources for helping to organize and prepare other employees for the move — utilize them! Let these employees handle marking items that are not going or are going to your new location.
  2. Let your marketing department employees announce the move to your customers and future customers. While you are not advertising a brand-new product or service, the message still needs to reach the masses.
  3. Let one of your trusted employees be the point of contact for the moving company. You will find that this can free up your time for other important issues or to oversee other aspects of the move.
  4. Make sure that you notify your employees first about the move. Don’t let them find this out from a social media post! If your move interferes with some employees keeping their jobs, you must address this.
  5. Give your employees a time frame for getting their personal items out of the office. You do not want to move their items with the rest of the business objects. For one, it adds more weight to your move. But, two, you don’t want to take responsibility for these personal items.

If you are moving your Richmond, VA business, remember that Dunmar Moving is here to make this move easier. You are already stressed and nervous about moving your business, so let the professionals help to ease some of this worry!

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