5 Tips to Help with an In-Town Move

Are you moving across the street? Or maybe you are moving within the same town, just a few streets over? In an in-town move can be just as hard as moving out of town or even out of state. Too many people go into this type of move thinking that this is going to be a piece of cake. They even think that the need for professional movers is not there, but it is. Here at Dunmar we have assisted with several in-town moves to help those who are moving to get out of their old home and into their new home as quickly as possible, even if it is just one street over! 

Here are a few tips that can make this in-town move more organized and more efficient!

  1. Consider taking over small things on your own if you have access to the home. For example, many people opt to take over their kitchen dishes, clothing and other items a few days beforehand. This way they can put these up in their new home upon walking in.
  2. For those larger pieces, let the professional movers handle these. And you can arrange for this to be done after you have moved the smaller items into the new home.
  3. You still need to pack your items. No moving company is going to move those items that are simply sitting on your kitchen counters, even if it will only take ten minutes to get to your new home. Everything still needs to be packed and packaged right to avoid it breaking.
  4. Still take some time to purge those items that you really don’t need. Everyone has items in their home that they really no longer need, so purge these before moving. Why start at your new home with items that are going to add to the clutter?!
  5. Set yourself a timeline for when you want to be fully moved into your new home or when you must be out of the old home. Remember, having a timeline will ensure that the move stays on point the entire time.

While moving just across the street or one street over is something that is not as hard, still do your planning and contact movers for help!

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