5 Tips to Pack in a Hurry

The news just came…you need to move! If you are needing to move in a hurry, there are several things that you need to knock off your to do list as soon as possible! The first being to find the moving company that you are going to entrust with your belongings. Dunmar Moving is here to help, and we know that sudden moves may happen. Which is why we will try our best to work with you for a date that is going to fit your schedule. Once you have a professional mover, have found the new apartment/home that you will be moving into, all that is left to do is to pack.
While packing in a hurry is not ideal, we have a few tips that can help you to make this stressful situation a bit easier!

1. Don’t lose focus! It can be hard to maintain your focus when you are having to pack extremely fast and also ensure that you are getting everything done and packed properly. If you start to panic, or lose focus, this is when you are going to really hurt the entire process.

2. Pack right meaning that you are going to have to select what to take and do this fast! Tip: consult the practical side of your brain rather than the sentimental to make this easier and faster.

3. Make a pile of things that you want to donate. Once you are done with packing, take this entire pile to donate or even allow some friends to go through this for things that they may want to have.

4. Take breaks in between packing tasks so that you stay sharp! Have a task list and start checking these off, rather than focusing on the packing as whole. If you do focus on packing as a whole, you may find that time slips away from you as you are contemplating all that needs to get done.

5. Don’t be shy about asking for help! This is probably the best tip that we can give you. If you know that you cannot possibly get these all done, be sure to ask for help from family, friends, or even consider packing services from professional movers.

While you may be packing in a hurry, just remember that you want to do this in a way that is going to be right. You don’t want boxes to break, items to go missing or to have a harder time with unpacking at your new home.

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