5 Tips for Packing Shoes

When you are packing up your belongings for a move, there are always tons of packing tips out there for dishes, glasses and even clothes. But, what about shoes? Do you throw these into a box and hope for the best? That is one option, but chances are when you arrive and start unpacking you will find shoes that are flattened or misshaped. Another issue to think about is that many people, even if they have diligently packed everything, often find that their shoes are mismatched, and it takes months to find all the matches.  Dunmar Moving Systems

With this being said here are 5 tips to help with packing your shoes for your move!

  1. Want your shoes to keep their shape? Stuff a pair of socks into these before placing them into the packing box. It is a great way to help the shoes keep their shape, while also allowing you to pack up socks at the same time!
  2. Have a nice pair of shoes? Pack these individually in their own shoe box with paper around these to keep them from getting scuffed on the box.
  3. For athletic shoes, be sure to tie the shoelaces together so that you always have the pair together. It can be very annoying to search through a giant box of shoes that are not clearly matched…and this tip will help you to avoid this frustration.
  4. The musty smell that a box has after being closed for a while can be avoided with a few tea bags! In most cases, shoes are not the first thing that you will unpack. In fact, many people may take a few weeks to get to their shoes as long as they have a pair that they are wearing and love. Place a few tea bags into the box and this will keep the shoe smell from taking over!
  5. Always pack those heavier shoes like boots on the bottom followed by lighter shoes like sandals. This not only makes the box easier to carry but can help with shoes not getting damaged while moving.

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