5 Tips to Help Organize a Move Before the Big Day

Before you decide to move, there are a few ways in which you can make this move easier and overall more organized. However, this will take time. Remember, the more you do now before moving day, the less you must do on moving day. We have a few tips to make your days and weeks before moving a bit more organized!

  1. Categorize everything that you need to do.
    A good rule of thumb is to complete all those little tasks first, as these are tasks that often take more time. For example, clean out the fridge a few days before a move, clear junk out of your junk drawer, or other small tasks that only take fifteen minutes or so. If you do this a few days before your move, you will find that those smaller tasks are out of the way and you can devote yourself to those larger tasks.
  2. Never leave a room without doing something.
    Even if this is nothing more than coming out with a load of clothes to go into a box, be sure that every time you enter a room you are doing something related to your move. These small things can make the entire process much easier.
  3. Always have a schedule.
    Be prepared to have a schedule for what you want to accomplish that day and then stick to this schedule. If you stick to your schedule, even those smaller tasks, you will find that you are prepared for what comes the next day.
  4. Try to be more organized.
    For some people this is not an issue. However, for others this is going to require that they devote more time to this task. To be more organized, write lists and keep track of what you have done, and what needs to be done. This is going to result in a more organized move in the long run.
  5. Put all the moving boxes in one room.
    Through doing this, you can ensure that each room is being packed and everything is in one central location. This is going to make moving day that much easier!

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