5 Tips to Organize a Closet that Impresses

How many of you have went into your closet and realized that you cannot find anything that you were looking for? Or maybe you find one shoe, yet the other has disappeared? This is a common issue for those who have closets that are chaotic. The good news is that you can easily organize your closet, and one of the best times to do this is when you are moving into your new home!

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  1. Before your move, be sure to toss and donate items from your closet that you no longer want. This is going to make more room for when you get to your new home. Tip: Create three piles, a donation pile, a toss pile, and a keep pile. In doing this, you are always avoiding moving items that you do not really need to your new home.
  2. Have a vision for what you want your closet to be in your new home! This is a great time to consider putting in shelving units, shoe bins or the like. You will find that almost every home improvement store is going to have some sort of closet organization system that you can purchase and install with minimal work.
  3. Keep everything stylized. For example, use the same type of hangars for everything, and if you use white shelving throughout the closet stick with this. You will find that these small visual methods will make your closet appear more organized.
  4. When placing things into the closet, be sure that you hang all these items in the same direction, and that you take the time to have a folded pile of items placed onto a shelve or into a cubicle.
  5. Every few months, pay attention to those items that you have not worn. It may be time to get rid of them. Never hold onto something that is just taking up space that you never use!

When you finish with your closet, you are going to be amazed at just how easy it is to find those items that you need. You will be able to avoid losing that matching pair of socks easily!









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