5 Ways to Choose a New Neighborhood

One of the pieces of advice that people give others who are looking to move soon is to take the time to find a neighborhood that is going to fit them. However, how do you go about doing this? In most cases, you know a general area in which you are going to be moving, which helps to narrow down the neighborhood choices that you are going to have to deal with. But, how do you pick between these? We have a few tips that can help point you into the right direction!

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  1. Look at the area and the parks that they have! Parks mean that you have more nature around and it can also signify that this area is more family orientated. If you have kids or you want kids in the future, then this could be a great area for you.


  1. Does the neighborhood have a Neighborhood Watch Program When this is present, it means that everyone who lives in this neighborhood value their safety and are watching out for one another.


  1. Are there bike lanes in the neighborhood? If you love to ride bikes, then you are going to want these. However, it also shows that the neighborhood is serious about safety when there are properly maintained bike lanes throughout the area.


  1. Check out the walkability score. You simply need to Google the walkability of the certain area and we get the stats. This is going to tel you just how pedestrian friendly the area is.


  1. Are there police and fire departments close to the neighborhood? You want these departments close to your location so that they cane respond in a timely manner. But, you don’t want so much police presence in the community, because this could signal that they have a high crime rate.


Overall, do your homework, ask questions online and even to those who live in this area. You will find that this work will pay off in the long run!


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