6 Tips for a Great Housewarming Party

Have you recently moved into a new house or apartment? A house warming party is not out of the question! Many people think that these parties are an outdated concept…however, they are still something that many people do when they want it to be known that they are new to the area! So, how can you throw a great housewarming party? Here are a few tips!

  1. Have a theme! Is this theme showing off your new home? Or maybe it is a housewarming party where you hope your family and friends will help with some of the unpacking…this is an important decision to make!
  2. Be sure to have food on hand. Even if you do nothing more than finger foods, your guests will appreciate this. Many people prefer to make this a pizza night, or they may even have this catered…it all really depends upon the theme that you choose.
  3. Send invites in the mail or send this through email. For those who have just moved into a new home, you are going to find that it is probably easier to do these invites digitally.
  4. Be sure to put a time on these invites, not only a time when the party starts but when it is over as well. You have just moved into a new home, chances are you don’t feel like staying up all night and partying!
  5. Remember, you can limit the party to just one area of your home if there are rooms that you have yet to unpack or maybe you are finishing up. It is okay to shut off rooms that you do not have guests in.
  6. Are gifts something that you should expect? Many people who attend housewarming parties are going to bring some type of gift. It may be nothing more than a bottle of wine or a small knick-knack. However, do not expect everyone to bring something, as this is becoming a more dated tradition.

Are you ready to move? Let us here at Dunmar Moving help with your move, and you can focus your time on planning a great housewarming party!

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