6 Tips For Packing Frames and Pictures

There are several considerations that need to be made frames_and_pictureswhen you are packing and gearing up for a move. One aspect that many people forget is that they need to pay special attention to their photos and the frames in which these photos are in. These don’t need to simply be thrown into a box…unless you want to simply do this and hope for the best. However, don’t be surprised to find broken frames and glass, along with ruined pictures.

With this being said, we have a few tips that you can use when packing these photos and frames so that they are still in pristine condition, whether you are moving across town or across the country!

  1. The box in which the frame is placed in should be slightly bigger than the frame itself. Do not try to squeeze one of these into a box, nor should there be so much room that you can move the picture with ease.
  2. Wrap the frame in bubble wrap when sliding this into the box for extra protection!
  3. Be sure to write “FRAGILE” on this and even that this is a photo frame. This way your movers are going to pay special attention to this!
  4. Consider purchasing cardboard corners for the pictures, as this can add even more protection to this frame.
  5. Be sure to use packing tape on the bottom and the top of the box to ensure this stays secure.
  6. When this is packed into the truck, it should be placed on its side. If it were to be packed into the truck flat, then this is taking the weight of other items that are around. Of course, if you use Dunmar when moving, the professionals that come to your home are going to know just what to do in order to protect the frame and picture.

Remember, the frames and pictures in your home are something that are of value and highly sentimental. Be sure you are packing this right so they can grace the walls of your new home!

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