6 Tips for Your Unpacking System

Do you have a system for unpacking your new home after the movers leave? Are you stuck with a bunch of boxes and items to put away? If you tackle this without any type of organization then unpacking could take much longer than needed. You may even become frustrated since you are hindering your own progress. That being said, it’s important that you have some type of plan for unpacking and putting away your items. 

Here are our tips for designing your unpacking system:

  1. Necessities should always come first. What qualifies as a necessity? These are the items that you packed in your essentials box, along with medications, bathroom items, food preparation items and documents that you may have traveled with so they were kept safe.
  2. The kitchen is one of those rooms that should take top priority since food is prepared there and you may spend a lot of time there. Make sure that appliances are plugged in and running, then unpack those pots, pans, dishes and other items. Tip: You don’t have to unpack every kitchen gadget you have right now, you can always unpack those essential items and leave gadgets for later.
  3. The bedrooms need to be fixed because you’ll need somewhere to sleep. Make sure that the bed is put together, the new bedding is washed and on the bed, and that you have a clear path to and from your bed at night.
  4. Unpack the bathrooms so that they can be used. This may mean having a few towels and washcloths, along with soap and other items to make yourself at home the first few nights in a new place.
  5. Arrange the furniture where you want it so that you feel as though you have most of the bigger items out of the way.
  6. Start on the boxes of clothing and toys that you’ll know you need. This is where having a clear labeling system in place is going to help you!

Remember, when you move with Dunmar Moving we do our best to make sure that when you are fully moved into a new home, all your moving boxes are in their correct rooms to ensure your unpacking is just a little bit easier. Give us a call and get started on the moving process today!

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