8 Tips for Downsizing Your Home

One of the more common reasons for a move in older couples or individuals is that they are downsizing. We have seen many couples who have children who have went to college, graduated and are now out in the real world, so they have a house that is simply too big now. Instead of opting to stay in a large home, many people opt to downsize their home. However, one of the biggest issues with this: what do you do with all your possessions?

Since downsizing often means going from a large home to a smaller home, you know that all of your items are not going to fit into your new home. So, what should you do? We have a few tips that can help, as well as suggestions as to what you can do with those items that you can’t fit into your new home!

  1. Always be sure that you are mindful of the new space that you are getting.
  2. Pick out those items that are a must have with you, such as those that are sentimental, etc.
  3. Junk needs to go!
  4. Having duplicate items is a waste of space, so get rid of them.
  5. Donate items that you no longer want so someone else can get some use of them.
  6. Consider renting a storage unit if there are items that you want to keep yet know that you will not have the room for at your new location.
  7. Give away some items that may be sentimental but other family members may want. This way you are not trashing them, they are simply going to a new home!
  8. Old items like electronics that may have been collecting dust in the basement can simply be thrown away, as old electronics are not something that people want anymore.

Remember, when you are downsizing a home, it can be stressful. However, we can help! Here at Dunmar Moving, we have tons of experience when it comes to moving and helping families to downsize.

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