8 Tips for Moving Fitness Equipment

Are you attempting to move on your own? If so, there are several things that you need to know about moving fitness equipment. Fitness equipment in a home are some of the main reasons why people choose to utilize professional movers. These pieces are often heavy and hard to carry; thus, the professionals have the tools and knowledge to do this easier, and it saves your back! Here at Dunmar Moving we can help with moving these bigger pieces of fitness equipment so they safely arrive at your new location. However, for those who are trying to do it themselves, here are a few tips to move this equipment safely!

  1. Make sure the treadmill or other fitness equipment is unplugged from the electric outlet, if it is a piece that is electrical. Never attempt to move anything when there is electrical current that is going through these items.
  2. Always bend your knees when lifting these heavy objects. If you try to lift this with your back, you are going to increase the chances of suffering an injury.
  3. To start lifting any piece of fitness equipment, tilt this back first to allow one person to lift and then repeat.
  4. This is a two-person job in most cases. However, bigger equipment may take more than one person.
  5. If you are transferring this to a truck, a dolly can be a lifesaver!
  6. Check your owner’s manual on the equipment, as many pieces are going to have instructions for how to move this to a new location.
  7. If there are wheels on the machine, be sure to use these. There is no reason to lift something that you can easily roll for part of the way.
  8. When packing this into a truck, be sure the fitness equipment is covered and is stable. These are big pieces of machinery and if they were to rock around in a truck, they could cause damage to other items that are being moved.

It will take a lot of muscle and man power to move these home fitness pieces. That is why it is often better to call in the professionals!

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