8 Tips to Survive Moving Day

It is finally the day that you have been waiting for…moving day! Whether you have been dreading this move or looking forward to it, you are going to find that moving day can be stressful. In fact, most people rank moving with other stressful life events like dealing with a death in the family and divorce. With that being said, we have a few tips that can help you to survive this stressful day!

  1. Wake up early! There is nothing worse than sleeping in on the day that professional movers are coming to your home. It can make everything feel more hectic and can throw your whole day off.
  2. Dress appropriately so that you are not at risk for injury when you are moving. What does this mean? Don’t wear sandals or flip-flops, wear clothing that is comfortable and easy to move around in. You will want to be as comfortable as you can during the moving process.
  3. Have spare moving supplies on hand in case you have some last-minute items to pack.
  4. Keep cleaning supplies on hand for a quick clean up after moving out and then into your new home.
  5. Be sure to eat something throughout the day and drink plenty of water! Just because you are moving does not mean that you should neglect eating and drinking.  Not eating or drinking could actually put you an increased chance of suffering an injury…and it can make everything feel that much more stressful.
  6. Take your kids and/or pets to a friend or family’s house. It’s important to have them out of the way, this will help the moving process go quicker.
  7. Have a moving inventory and check things off your list as they are moving out of the home. This ensures that you are staying organized and this is going to account for a lot!
  8. Let the movers do their job! It may be tempting to help but remember that they are the professionals. You need to focus your attention on the home itself.

When working with professional movers like Dunmar Moving Systems, moving day becomes much easier. However, these tips can ensure that you survive the move with minimal stress and a positive moving attitude.

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