A Positive Mind Towards Moving

A Positive Mind Towards Moving 

When you think of moving, what comes to mind? Many people are fearful of what the future will hold. Others are stressed out about all their things that must be moved and put into a new location. Here at Dunmar Moving, when we think of moving, we think of the new, exciting adventures that our clients are going to have in their new location, and we look at this as though one new door is opening to allow your life to take a whole new outlook. With this, we know that our approach to looking at a move may be a bit different from others. However, we want you to see the excitement about a move so that you are less likely to feel tons of stress.


Did you know that moving is considered one of the most stressful events in your life? That is why it is important to do all you can do to look at this move as an opportunity, not something you “have to” do. We suggest that you write down all the benefits that this move is going to give you. Whether this is going to be a closer commute to where you work, it will put kids into a better school district, or you will be closer to some relatives. Whatever it is, focus on the positive only.


Here is a fun fact for you! The average move takes around 6 hours. This is, of course, when movers are handling your items, and you are not doing this yourself. If you were doing it yourself, chances are it could take double or triple the amount of time. And when you are moving, time is money and your sanity! So, hire movers to help with the overall feel of the move and be excited to get this underway.


Remember, Dunmar Moving is here for all your moving needs. Whether you need people to load this up and move your items or looking for someone to help pack, we are who to call!

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