A Smooth Move Is Just 5 Tips Away

When you imagine the day of your move, what comes to mind? Many people who have moved in the past automatically think the worse. However, the key to moving is to ensure you have the right professionals handling your move. When Dunmar handles your move, you will find that this will make your moving day much easier. 


To ensure a super smooth move, we have five tips that will help you accomplish this:


  1. Always be present on your move day. This way, if we have questions, you can direct us as to what to do. This is going to ensure no hiccups happen on your moving day.
  2. Take the time to ensure the walkways are clear. If we have to stop to move items out of the way, this delays the actual moving aspect of the day. It can then throw off your timeframe, which is stressful.
  3. Do an initial walk-thru with the movers for what needs to go, and then do a final walk-thru to ensure that everything is packed on the truck that should be. This attention to detail ensures everything is going flawlessly.
  4. Consider having your kids and pets away from your home on this day to ensure their safety. Moving is a highly physical task, and we don’t want any pets to get outdoors and run away or kids injured.
  5. Make sure everyone is on the same page. We will clarify any details with you, and you can ask questions if needed. We want everyone involved in your move on the same page to prevent surprises.


If you genuinely want a smooth move, hiring the professionals at Dunmar is the way to get it. With the above tips, you will find your move will be less stressful and something that you look back on with a smile.

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