Across Town Moving: Tips for a Short Move

While you may be moving a short distance, this does not mean that you still do not need to prepare yourself for this move. Keep in mind, you are only moving a short distance but all of your belongings will still need to be packed in order for the movers to move these in a time efficient manner. With this being said, here are some great tips for a short move.

  1. Start preparing for your move a few weeks out, meaning that you should be putting away those items that you are not going to need to use in the next few weeks first.
  2. Still ensure that you are packing your belongings in sturdy boxes or even plastic tote boxes. While you may only be going a few miles, these belongings will be in the back of a truck, and the road there could be bumpy, causing damage to your goods.
  3. You can still pack away a few items that you are going to need immediately. However, the good news about moving across town is that you will probably have your belongings within the same day.
  4. Be sure someone is at your new home to receive your belongings. Many times on a short move across town, people stay at the previous home to clean or the like. However, someone has to be at the new home in order to okay the movers to start putting these boxes into the new home.

For those who have purchased a new home, whether it is to expand their family or simply to get onto the other side of town, moving is still going to be a process. Thus, be sure that you are using professional movers to make this process easier and less stressful. Dunmar Moving is here to help you, whether this move is across town or across the country.

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