Moving? Don’t Forget to Tell Everyone!

One of the latest trends in the moving world today is for people to make an announcement that they are moving. This is not referring to everyone telling their utility companies and the like, this is pertaining to family and friends. This trend is in part, thanks to social media and how everyone has become so technical in what they do daily. With this new trend, we thought it would be nice to look at a few unique ways in which people are announcing their next move. And remember, if you are ready to move, Dunmar Moving is here for your needs!

This can be a great way to announce your move to those friends and family whom you are connected with. With this option, you can share personal details that you cannot share on your news feed. For example, invite people to the event, announce the moving date, and the new address. It can also be a great way to invite people to a housewarming party or even to help pack!

While we all know about having a housewarming party, a goodbye party can be a great time to say goodbye to the home that you and your friends/family may have known for several years. Plus, you can have everyone help you pack, which can make this process go faster and be a whole lot more fun rather than doing this on your own!

For those who want to go traditional, then creating custom cards with your moving announcement is one way to go. These announcements are going to contain a moving date, a new address and they may even include an invitation to a house warming or moving party.

Many people prefer to send this information a few days after they have already moved, however, if you are looking at this way to announce, do this before the big day. You don’t want to miss someone because they go to your old location!

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