What Should You Ask a Moving Company?

Here at Dunmar Moving Services, we truly believe that anyone who is considering a move should have a list of questions ready to ask potential moving companies. This is to protect you so that no company takes advantage of you. Sadly, there are moving companies throughout the United States that never fully deliver on their promises, and people are taken advantage of by these companies every day. With that being said, check out some of the questions that you should consider asking any moving company!

  1. Do you have references of people who have worked with you before? Here at Dunmar, we love highlighting the reviews that we receive from our customers and we make these readily available on our website and social media pages!
  2. Does the moving company have a registration number? Every reputable company should have a USDOT number that is registered with FMCSA. If you find a moving company that does not…run the other way.
  3. How will my items be handled by the movers? Here at Dunmar Moving Systems, we make sure that our movers always treat your items with respect and TLC that each piece needs. We take liability for the items that we move so we always treat these as though they are our own. Any company that refuses to answer this or simply does not seem to care is one that you don’t want to do business with!
  4. How long will a move take? This is going to really depend on the time of day and the day of the week that you are moving. However, a reputable moving company should be able to give you a good time frame of the time that this will take. If you do not get a concrete answer, this is not the company to consider.


If you are getting ready to move to the Richmond, VA area, we are here to assist your move!

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