Backyard Prep: Just in Time for Summer

We may be living in different times right now, with everyone practicing social distancing, kids home all the time and even working from home. However, now is the time to get some of those backyard duties done so that your summer is going to be full of fun. Remember, all this will pass, and you will be happy to know that you put this time to good use! So, what can you do to get outdoors and get your backyard ready?

Prepare Your Backyard for Summer - Dunmar Moving Systems

Here are a few ideas that you can run with, depending upon the size of your yard and all that needs to be done:

  1. Take the time to remove dead bushes, trees and other items. Remember, when items are dead they are going to be an eyesore.
  2. Prep the grass to make it a beautiful green for mowing season.
  3. Consider putting in a fire pit that you can easily make with what you have lying around or even order some of these items at your local home improvement store. A fire pit can be a great place to spend summer nights with family and friends.
  4. Trim up those trees that have gotten out of hand during the winter and fall months.
  5. Plant new flowers if you can, make sure that you check to ensure there are no more cold freezes coming your way before you do this!
  6. Consider planting a vegetable garden this year to help with your produce needs. And it can be a great way for the kids to have something to do during the summer.

While you may be stuck at home, why not make this time count? Getting your backyard prep done now mean you can enjoy your home all that much more when summer comes around!

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