Back to College Moving Tips

While it may only be July, many college aged kids are preparing for their next semester at college. While they may not have to be moved into their dorms until the end of August, many parents are already planning for this move. After all, the more you plan for the move, the better this is likely to flow.

This can be an emotional time for parents and students. Even if they are going back to college after a summer home, it is still emotion. With this being said, we have combined a few tips to make the moving process a bit easier!

  1. Always have a moving checklist! This will keep everything organized, which is vital for those who may be moving away for college rather than going to a local college.
  2. Students do not have a lot of room; thus, you will only want to pack those necessary items.
  3. Always be sure that you use proper packing supplies. It is not going to help to throw everything into garbage bags, as these are likely to break.
  4. Be sure to label the boxes correctly so they are easier to unpack.
  5. Start packing items early. You do not want to be scrambling to get your kid off to college on time!

It is important to note that if this is the first year for students to go to college, you may not have that many items to pack as they are going to be buying a lot of newer items to fill their dorm rooms with. If you want to save even more space when moving, buy these items near the college to avoid having to move these numerous times! And remember, Dunmar Moving can help with college moves as well. It can make this time less stressful so you can focus on your child going off to college!

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