Complete Guide for Packing

While we have all heard numerous tips on how to pack a box, whether this be using the materials that you have on hand or finding good, sturdy boxes for free, there are still some rules that you need to follow when packing. For those who do not have the time to devote to packing their goods properly, utilizing professional packing services can be a life saver. These professionals are going to use the following guidelines for packing up your entire home. Not only do these rules make it easier to lift these boxes, but it also ensures that all your belongings arrive to your new home without issue.

There are several things in which you can do to pack a smart box. These include:

  1. Limit each box to a maximum of 50 pounds. If you are moving yourself, you may need to lower this weight to whatever you are comfortable with.
  2. Also, be sure to wrap items, even if they are not considered ‘breakables’.
  3. Start packing items per how often they are used.
  4. Never pack anything that is liquid as this could spill, ruining items that are in the box with it, or even leaking through to other boxes in the area.
  5. Try to fill in empty space of a box with crushed paper. This will just make the box a bit sturdier if other boxes are being stacked on top.

Now that you know how to properly pack a box, remember these tips to stay organized during the packing process.

  1. Write down on a sheet of paper box numbers and what each box contains. This will make it easier when unpacking or looking for a specific item.
  2. Pack like items together for easier retrieval.
  3. Be sure to write ‘fragile’ on those boxes that are fragile.
  4. Always note how many boxes total you have. This way you know you reach your new destination with everything you have!

Remember, if you want the professionals to handle the entire move, Dunmar Moving is here for you. With all the years of experience we have, moving you to a new location is simple. And it can reduce the stress on you dramatically!

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