The Dangers of a DIY Move

We live in a society where we often try to do everything ourselves, even when we should call in the professionals. For those of us who are gearing up for a move, before you decide to do this on your own, you are going to want to make sure that you are aware of all the dangers and risks that you may be taking by doing this on your own. 

You are Liable for Everything

When you decide to move on your own, you are liable for everything that you are moving. For those who hire professional movers, we take the liability to ensure that your items arrive just as they were before they were moved. This can greatly help to decrease your stress about the move, knowing that we are taking responsibility for your items!

Injuries are Common with DIY Moves

Did you know that those who move on their own often find that they end up with a medical bill as well. While you may not suffer anything like a broken bone, you could strain a muscle that could result in physical therapy to get it strong again. This could all have been avoided with professionals who know how to move things to avoid injury.

More Stress with a DIY Move

Consider all the aspects of a DIY move. You are not only moving the items onto the truck, but you are packing these items, carrying them onto the truck and then driving the truck to your location, unloading the truck and unpacking the items. And you still have to get the truck back to the rental company. The stress of this can lead to headaches, stomach issues, anxiety attacks and basically wipe you out physically, emotionally and mentally.

People often try a DIY move and will never do it again. Don’t even try to manage the dangers, just call the pros at Dunmar Moving!

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